Al qaedas maritime threat maritime security research papers

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Al Qaeda's Maritime Threat

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Al Qaeda's Collected Threat that touches on some of the ideas of various transportation goods to Al Qaeda's asymmetric warfare, before looking to his main idea of Maritime Security.

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Al Qaeda Maritime Threat Akiva Lorenz in his essay “Al Qaeda's Maritime Threat” touches on some of the vulnerabilities of various transportation systems to Al Qaeda's asymmetric warfare, and then he moves to his main topic- Maritime Security. To date there have been three major successful terrorist attacks on maritime targets.

Jihad at Sea – Al Qaeda’s Maritime Front in Yemen

Al Qaeda’s Maritime Threat The Container Security Initiative (CSI), introduced inis a U.S. initiative involving a series of bilateral accords that allow for the forward deployment of U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers/5(15). Maritime Security in the Arctic the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, the RCMP and other agencies.

The re­ port, titled "The Canadian Arctic: Threat from Terrorists and Extremists," followed on a January US presidential directive on US Arctic Policy noting the. Al Qaeda’s Maritime Threat Al Qaeda’s Maritime Threat Akiva J. Lorenz April 15, First Published at 1 / 22 Akiva J.

Lorenz Al Qaeda’s Maritime Threat Outline: I. Introduction II. Definition of Maritime Terrorism III. Historical overview IV. Al Qaeda Background V. Wake-up calls VI/5(15). Since the capture of al-Nashiri inthere has been little maritime threat directly from al-Qaeda.

Rather, maritime terrorist concerns seem to have now shifted to al-Qaeda-related affiliates, many of which operate in Africa. The rise of a new generation al Qaeda leadership, and a renewed focus on its affiliate network ensures al Qaeda will remain a long-term threat to US Homeland Security.

The Subcommittee will focus on how the network has evolved in recent years and how Congress and the new Administration can respond.

Al qaedas maritime threat maritime security research papers
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