Asian metacentre research paper series no 12

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Demographics of Singapore

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Population planning in Singapore

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In Bikini, materialism seems to be stronger than in the Needs. ASIAN METACENTRE RESEARCH PAPER SERIES no Fertility and the Family: An Overview of Pro-natalist Population Policies in Singapore Theresa Wong Brenda S.A.


Age Structural Transition and Economic Growth: Evidence from South and Southeast Asia

The Majority of the Migrant Factory Workers of the Light Industry in Shenzhen, China May Be Physically Inactive research on the moderation effect of social support onto problems, obstacles and solutions. Asian MetaCentre for population and sustainable development analysis.

Research Paper Series. Asian MetaCentre: Population planning in Singapore spans two distinct phases: first to slow and reverse the boom in births that started after World War II; and then, from the s onwards, to encourage parents to have more children because birth numbers had fallen below replacement jkaireland.comment eugenics policies favoured both phases.

In s and s, the antinatalist policies flourished. Lee Kuan Yew (16 September March ) was a Singaporean was the Secretary-general of the People's Action Party (–) and Singapore Prime Minister (–), Senior Minister (–), Minister Mentor (–).

November ISSUE NO.

Population planning in Singapore

12 A newsletter of the Asia Research Institute, NUS MICA(P) /01/ T he Asian MetaCentre for Population and Sustainable Development Analysis was recently awarded a grant worth S$1, by The Wellcome Trust (UK) for series of models incorporating contextual and individual.

CHAMPSEA Publications Published Articles/Book Chapters Hoang, L.A. () Asia Research Institute Working Paper Series No.SeptemberAsia Research Institute, Singapore. [Open Access] Issue No. 12, Asian Metacentre receives Wellcome Trust grant.

Author: Kwan Wai Hung.

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