Corporate crime research paper

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Corporate title

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The Impact of Legalized Abortion on Crime John Donohue, Steven Levitt. NBER Working Paper No. Issued in November NBER Program(s):Children, Law and Economics, Public Economics We offer evidence that legalized abortion has contributed significantly to recent crime reductions. General Outline of Corporate and White Collar Crime Topics Fall Chapter 1: Corporate Criminal Liability A.

Corps have the capacity to commit criminal acts. 1. New York Central & Hudson River RR (p.1) – RR and two employees were each held liable for bribing sugar refiners, an anti-competitive practice.

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Corporate Crime

Restorative Justice Approach to Corporate Crime. This paper is for a criminal law & policy course (a law school course). The main purpose of the paper is to discuss the implications of a restorative justice approach to corporate and white collar crime, namely, the benefits (especially from a societal and vicitm perspective) and limitations of using such an approach in the corporate context (e.

Corporate crime research paper
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