Free 1st grade dr seuss writing activities

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Write Like Dr. Seuss!

Cool Math Games Renaissance Universal Kids CBC Kids TumbleBooks Arcademics Disney Games Nick Jr Games Dr. Seuss Thomas the Train. This download contains 5 biographical reading comprehension passage about Dr. Seuss, all written at different reading levels, first through fifth grade.

Students will read a full page passage about the author and answer multiple choice and short answer. So I decided to whip up some last minute Dr. Seuss Writing Activities printables for the occasion.

My little girls love the Dr. Seuss books we have and ask me to read them all the time. Mister Bull is a little too old for them as a reading assignment, but they are great for.

Feb 28,  · Dr. Seuss' birthday is Saturday! Did you know he would have been this year!:) I LOVE to spend the week reading many of his classics and having my students regain a love for his books (they forget as BIG second graders how fun they are to read!).Author: Tori's Teacher Tips.

Jun 19,  · Dr. Seuss in fifth grade? I think YES! In researching, okay begging, tweeting, blogging, etc. to ask for suggestions of books to use as I begin to integrate SOCIAL STUDIES into the informational text part of my literacy workshop, The Butter Battle Book kept coming Creating Lifelong Learners.

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1st grade. Math. Worksheet. Proper Punctuation. Worksheet. Proper Punctuation. Help your child with his grammar skills with this printable worksheet that focuses on using end punctuation.

Our free worksheets and printable activities will meet any child where they’re at in their journey, and.

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