Gcse coursework remark

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Getting a remark of an A level or GCSE exam

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Stage 5: Post-results services

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Your observer may not agree to this, although most will. Q and A: GCSE and A-level exam re-marking explained. Following our investigation into an exam board covering up marking errors, Channel 4 News answers your questions about applying for a re-mark. If you have a remark you have to pay (or in very rare cases, the school might), it's quite expensive (~£20/paper I think).

If the mark changes as a result of the remark then you get a refund, if not you don't. GCSE remarks - chance of going up a grade? (42 Posts) Add message I think coursework can only be remarked if the school requests that the whole cohort is remarked, which seems a bit unfair.

previously, this should also mean that it's harder to go down a grade also so perhaps a bigger incentive to ask for a remark than. Getting a remark of an A level or GCSE exam. Home» Articles» Getting a remark of an A level or GCSE exam.

Guide to A-level results day 2018

This article was updated in Julyso is correct for summer exams Getting a remark of coursework. It is possible to ask for teacher-marked or non-paper-based assessments (eg orals) to be reviewed.

Aug 25,  · Today I received my results from my Astronomy GCSE, which I took outside of my school in a small group (of about students).

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The gcse involves coursework, which my teacher moderated as a 38/ Guide to A-level results day Let's not pretend you'll be doing anything other than this first thing! Log onto UCAS Track and you'll be able to find out whether your firm choice has already confirmed your place.

Q and A: GCSE and A-level exam re-marking explained

Track opens at around 8am on the morning of A-level results day.

Gcse coursework remark
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